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DreamSeat offers both a Season Long Seat Rental and a Single Game Day Seat Program. Both programs are tailored to the universities needs. Like any true partnership, we work alongside the University to manage this robust program which includes the look and functionality of the website, pricing, customer service and seat installs to ensure that the program(s) work for both parties.

Season Long Seat Program

For the Season Ticket Holders

• Seats Purchased In Advance
• Seats Installed Before Season Starts by Install Team
• Custom Website for Ordering
• Early Bird Pricing Rates

Gameday Seat Program

For the Single Game Attendees

• Seats Purchased At Kiosk or Through Website
• Seats are Picked Up At Kiosk on Gameday
• Custom Website for Ordering in Advance
• Custom Kiosk for Ordering In-Stadium
• Option to Upgrade to Season Long After Purchase

Note: Most Universities utilize both programs throughout the season. Contact Us or Submit your RFP to learn more...


The Better Bleacher Seat

The most comfortable upgrade for existing bleacher bench seating. Simple, quick, durable and code-compliant installation and storage.

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All Your Fans want to be VIP's...

Let’s make that happen. DreamSeat is a family business with over 17 years of experience. We are more than happy to share our knowledge. Please call us with any questions.

Seat Features

The Better Bleacher Seat is an all-weather seat design featuring a slatted polymer seat bottom and a mesh seat back. They do not need to be removed between seasons and because they are designed to last 7-10 years depending on how well they are maintained, they do not need to be replaced after a few years of use. They are an extremely high-quality design that utilizes the same construction as our standard stadium tip up seats we install around the country.  We have detailed some of the features below.

Exclusive Feel Free Back Rest Support Framing System

Provides quality and comfort with long term durability. Utilize the recess for sponsor logos or branding (decals available).

Seat Numbers
and Added Air Flow

Slatted seat pan eliminates puddling after a rain. Ensures dry seats every game. Seat numbers are visible in both the open and closed positions.

Fold Flat Back + Automatic Tip-Down Back Rest

Ensures your fans have the code compliant exit space your stadium was originally designed for even after you’ve added our chairs. US/UK patents pending No 2005622.2

Sponsor and Booster Club Branding

Use The Better Bleacher Seat as a way to advertise your sponsors and boosters on the seat back! Advertise to a captive audience for the entire game or event. Logos or messages can be easily changed and are highly visible.

Slatted Polymer Bottom, No More Wet Seats!

Slatted polymer seat bottom mimics the comfort of a pad without the issues of absorbing water, plus the slats provide added air flow to keep you cool during the hottest games.

3-Point Mounting System Ensures Stable Long Term Installation

Quick and easy installation – permanent or temporary.

Looking for More Information? Compare It To Our Competitor's Cushion Seat Below...

Choose Your Color

4 Standard Color Plastic & Black Mesh Combinations for Quick Ship.
Custom Colors Available (Upcharge Pricing based on Volume Orders)

Competitor Comparison

A side by side comparison showing why the Better Bleacher Seat is the more effective solution.

Chair back is fixed and does not allow for easy exit in case of emergency

Vinyl padding that can crack, fade and rot

Steel frame that will bend and rust out over time

Cushion seat bottom that can detach or collect water and raises seat height to an uncomfortable height

Antiquated attachment methods including zip ties and bolts

Seat back tips down allowing for seats to be stepped on to exit stand in case of emergency

Branded with your logo

Mesh seat back for added comfort and breathability

Seat can be numbered to eliminate spectator confusion

Flexible polymer seat for added comfort and looks

Less than 12” deep when in the unoccupied position allowing for code compliant use in treads 24” or more

Our 3 point connection is vandal resistant and eliminates unauthorized movement or removal

All weather seat design, leave seats installed year round, no need to remove or store

Slatted polymer
seat bottom for added comfort, water drainage, and breathability

Our lumbar support back rest design affords improved comfort without obstructing the spectators seat space behind

Better Bleacher Seat

Cushion Seat

Signs and Banners

Email Blasts / Digital Ads

Informational Brochure

Custom Ordering Platform

Please Note: Marketing assets vary from project by project depending on the client's needs. Contact Us for more information in regards to the marketing assets available.

More than just seats...

Gameday Marketing

We have the ability to create digital graphics, email blasts, mailers, signs and banners that can be used by the University to promote the Season Long and Game Day seat rental program.

a look at our clients...

Who's Using It?

The Better Bleacher Seat is the result of over 30 years’ experience manufacturing and installing quality stadium seating and bleachers.  DreamSeat has been in business for over 15 years and specializes in the sale of furnishings and stadium seating. We work with almost every University in the country and supply seating for their offices, locker rooms, suites, and stadiums, which includes the Better Bleacher Seat.  View our gallery to see a variety of our BBS customers. 

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DreamSeat Furniture

Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, with its main distribution center in Landrum, South Carolina, DreamSeat has specialized in commercial-grade furnishings and stadium seating for Professional sports teams, Universities, firehouses, high schools, and corporations for over 17 years!

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Who's Using It?

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